Welcome to Coffee Gourmet Costa Rica!

Coffee Gourmet Costa Rica Tico brand  are special blends that consist of 100 %  Costa Rica fair trade organic authentic Costa Rican Gourmet Coffee.
We do all the process.

Much like with wine many people have come to appreciate the distinct variety characteristics of single origin coffees. On this site you have an opportunity to sample some of the finest orgCoffee Gourmet Costa Ricaanic Fair Trade coffees that Costa Rica has to offer! We take our roasting very seriously. Each single Costa Rica coffee is meticulously sampled to determine the optimal roast level to accentuate the bean's intrinsic qualities.
Some coffees benefit from a light roast to bring out floral qualities and retain a clean, bright acidity. While other coffees need a deep dark roast to bring out dark chocolate notes and full-bodied earthy qualities. You can be assured we only source the finest Arabica Organic  Costa Rica coffees from around the best coffee farm around Costa Rica and know how to roast them to their optimum potential.  COFFEE GOURMET COSTA RICA is the best gourmet coffee

Our Price: $7.00
Product Size: 12 oz. bag anywhere in the world
Real authentic coffee

contact :  castellon1@gmail.com

Adolfo Castellon
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tel :  506 8824 5122
cell:  506 2643 0118


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